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ELT Easy Green®

Green Roof Substrates

1. ELT green roof system.
The growth medium for ELT green roof system has weight 18 ~ 20 kg / cft. ELT does not make excessive use of bio-degradable materials like coco-peat, FYM & others. With ELT green roof substrate one is not required to replenish growth media with organic manures for years to come. The structural stability of this medium is good and even 4.5 inch layer of such media can give usable lawn area. In case of lawn plantation one may require to top-dress the grass as it is plant specific requirement. Even sloping roofs having slopes, less than 35 degrees can use this growth medium for such areas.

2. Light weight Medium
ELT has developed light weight growth medium for flat areas for special light weight solutions. The weight of such growth medium is less than 15 kg per cft.

3. Ultra Light
This kind of solutions are generally required for providing shrub areas on the spaces where the structure is not designed to take load of gardens.

4. With Structural growth medium.

A. Living Wall Substrates
B. Green Roof Substrates
C. Pot Plants