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ELT Easy Green®

A. Living Wall Substrates

1. ELT Living wall substrate Standard
The structure, texture & longevity of more than 8 years are special features of this growth medium. The planting cells of panels do not flood or overflow. The water follows the path with gravity & irrigates the panel uniformly. While satisfying all the characteristics of porosity, it also satisfy the requirements of correct water holding for plants. The structure of soil does not change for years to come.

2. Growth Media For Loose substrate systems having sack based system
The growth medium required for sack based systems, has different requirements as it is exposed to environmental forces from all sides. It is like a hanging basket. It is subject to evaporative losses & also higher temperature & lower temperatures can affect these type of systems. At the time of each season change plants have to survive change in the climate. The uniformity of growth medium is also required as in the loose media we have no control over water flow & sometimes water finds it’s own way to drain before it penetrates through out media. We @ ELT India have studied this & we have found few solutions which can make these kind of green walls to last longer & healthy even years after years.

3. For Pot based systems
Now many pot based systems have come in the market. Even ELT’s urban farming module can also be used as pot based green wall system. Therefore ELT has already developed growth medium for pot based system as well as green curtain.

4. Structural growth medium - VYDRO®
ELT India has completed it’s experimentation on structural growth medium VYDRO®. Now structural based solutions for all the systems is made available by ELT india.

A. Living Wall Substrates
B. Green Roof Substrates
C. Pot Plants