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ELT Easy Green®

Pot Plants

There are plants those survive low light conditions. Too much moisture & low light if together is the worst condition for plants. Many times nurseries supply organic material rich soil. The standard physical parameter levels are achieved merely using additional quantities of organic materials like coco-peat, FYM, city compost or other materials available locally. The growth medium performs well till organic materials depletes to 30%. After that the problem starts and becomes worst when organic matter depletes 50%. One has to loosen soil frequently, add organic matter as and when require.

Therefore we at ELT india we have developed growth mediums which stay longer & don’t change it’s physical characteristics much. One is required to provide fertilizers at a particular intervals. We have developed following growth mediums for,

  1. Indoor plants
  2. Outdoor Plants
  3. Structural media
  4. Xerophytic plants
  5. Light weight mix with hydrophilic foam
A. Living Wall Substrates
B. Green Roof Substrates
C. Pot Plants