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ELT Easy Green®

Eco Grow Substrates

ELT Global President, Gregory Garner, has been working on different growth media since 2001. Under his guidance we started developing the growth media since 2008 in India. During the process of this development, we @ ELT India have developed lot many recipes depending on type of application, system, climatic conditions, micro climate & also the plants.

This required us to study different types of living wall, green roof & pot plant application & plant performance in each condition including water intake, fertilizer intake, light available & corresponding growth- medium requisites.

Even the longevity of growth medium, the structural & the physiological changes over period of time is considered & now ELT India is able to provide longevity enabled growth mediums for 5, 10, 15 & 20 years at request.

ELT India has made available following growth media on the basis of application in the market.

A. Living Wall Substrates
B. Green Roof Substrates
C. Pot Plants