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ELT Easy Green®

ELT Extensive Green Roof

Extensive green roofs are not usually accessible and they are done for thermal insulation & visual effects. Soil depth is relatively thin (between 5 to 8 cm) with single type of plantation. The saturated weight is 3.5 - 8 kg per sft.

Extensive green roofs are not meant for human access but for thermal insulation, reduced run off, visual greenery & for the enrichment of environment by providing habitat to birds, insects & others. These are green many times in real sense. They change as per seasons. They sprout, grow, mature, fruit, seed & re-germinate in the next season on their own.

Least human interference is required. However, for aesthetical purpose, some times, one need to water, trim & clean such gardens. Soil depth is minimum & it is between 5 to 8 cm. Saturated weight of ELT extensive system is between 3.5 to 8 kg per sft depending on soil depth & plantation. This type of system supports a limited range of plantation. Mostly, sustainable, drought resistant & environmentally suitable plant species are planted.

(We need waterproof roof surface with slopes in right directions)

  • Root Barrier is placed along the slope of waterproof surface.
  • ELT Green Roof Panels are installed on the Root barrier.
  • Growth medium is spread over green roof panels to a thickness between 5 to 8 cm.
  • Irrigation network is installed.
  • Before plantation irrigation system is run till growth medium is completely wet.
  • Plants / lawn grass is planted once area is ready.
  • Rolling is done if Lawn is planted.
  • In case of windy site conditions or possibility of getting exposed to heavy rains, one has to put a this layer of gravel or metal so as to stop erosion.