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ELT Easy Green®

ELT Living Wall

ELT Living Wall system is most successful Green wall system, being admired, discussed & relied by architects and designers across the territory. The product is both, practical and efficient.

Initially till March 2009, ELT Living wall system was being imported from Canada. For more than a year, the imported system was checked across India for the performance of system, growth medium sustainability & plants behavior. On the basis of these observations, ELT India redesigned & produced new ELT living wall system in India with their collaborators from canada & now ELT India exports the same through ELT Global network. All the accessories required for this system are also manufactured from best sources in India.

ELT Living wall system is lightweight & easy to install. This modular system has inbuilt irrigation and drain. Longevity enabled growth media, universal applicability, ease of handling are the other unmatched features. It can make use of any kind of substrate, non-biodegradable ELT growth medium or the hydrophilic substrate. There is no need to water continuously. Panels are pregrown before installing on wall. So the wall is Green on first day itself.

Considering the varied climatic conditions & the challenges, ELT India strives to give right solutions available for each project. With continued experiments , research & development, now ELT India has introduced sustainable solutions in each category.

  • There is 100 % vegetation cover,
  • Good control over inbuilt irrigation & drains,
  • Wide range of plants choices,
  • Technical & scientific backup,
  • Immediate effect,
  • Honest efforts to provide satisfactory maintenance service.
  • Mortality replacement guarantee.