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ELT Easy Green®

ELT Intensive Green Roof

Intensive Green roofs are thicker and can support a wider variety of plants. These are heavier than extensive green roofs and require more maintenance.

Intensive Green roofs are more like typical roof gardens but these are more sustainable, require lesser maintenance & lesser water, reduce dead load on the structure & more environmental friendly than conventional system.

People usually access intensive green roofs in a similar way as any garden or terrace. Soil depth is minimum 15 cm. Saturated minimum weight is 12.5 kg per sft depending on soil depth & plantation. This type of system supports a wide range of plantation from lawns, ground covers, shrubs and trees, though for trees more depth of growth medium &special provision for root anchorage is to be provided. Appropriate root barriers are must in this type of vegetation.

Civil features can also be incorporated on this type of system. It is always good practice to have dedicated pathways for access over the green roofs as the depth of the growth medium is always less. Overuse or stamping, when area is moist or wet, always damage the quality of vegetation.

(We need waterproof roof surface with slopes in right directions)

  • Root Barrier is placed along the slope of waterproof surface.
  • ELT Green Roof Panels are installed on the Root barrier.
  • Growth medium is spread over green roof panels to a thickness not less than 15 cm. The areas where tree or tall shrubs are to be planted, additional growth medium is added.
  • Irrigation network is installed.
  • Before plantation irrigation system is run till growth medium is completely wet.
  • Plants / lawn grass is planted once area is ready.
  • Rolling is done if Lawn is planted.
  • Right type of supports / stakes are given to assure protection against higher wind velocities.
  • In case of windy site conditions or possibility of getting exposed to heavy rains, one has to put a this layer of gravel or metal so as to stop erosion.