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ELT Easy Green®

ELT Modular Green Roof

  • This module is part of pre-grown garden systems. Plants / grasses are pre-grown at the facility and such modules are just assembled at the site.
  • The space for services like irrigation & running cables is provided and there no need to break the surface to run the services.
  • This can also be used as retrofit solution.
  • There is always gap between the system and the waterproofed surface & free flow of the drained water is assured.
  • The thickness of the single tray system is 112.5 mm & it can be increased by 100 mm each to grow bigger plants.
  • This system facilitates to provide right kind of growth medium to right plant.
  • There is a in-built water reservoir of 7 ltr per sqm
  • This system can be installed or uninstalled very easily and can also be repeated as many times on wants