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ELT Easy Green®

ELT India Office @ Pune

ELT India’s Pune office is one of few most vegetated green offices of Pune city.

It has Green walls, indoor as well as exterior, with ELT substrate & Vydro substrate, green roofs, green curtains. The purpose of these installations is not only to provide environmentally rich but also demonstrate, experiment and check performance of the system even in the long run.

It has all the ELT & Vydro products under continuous observation. The initial trials requiring round the clock observations are intially done here. This is followed by pilot projects & finally field trials at ELT Experimentation & Training center.

ELT Pune office accommodates Admin, Horticulture, Design, Engineering, Sales, Finance, Planning & Retail activities.

Research & Innovation
ELT Office
Growing Facility
Research Center
Training for Professionals