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ELT Easy Green®

Flexi Green

It is a next generation green wall system having no limitation of shapes and applicable anywhere in moderate and indoor climatic conditions. It’s a solution for all kinds of informal & curving shapes.

Flexigreen is Hydrophilic foam based system in Mat Media form. The substance, Vydro is a patented product of Huntsman Corporation. Vydro has semi open cell structure with best balance of substrate & voids. This has overcome all the limitations of fabric based system but has all the benefits of fabric-based system. These are easy for installation, planting & maintenance. This is the best cost effective as well as sustainable system if right plants choice for right micro climate is done.

This does not require continuous water as it retains enough water for longer period without harm to the plant roots.

Flexigreen system is planted at site & requires 2-3 months to give complete green cover. Flexigreen green wall mats can be installed on any surface of any shape & size using clamps, metal strips, SS wire ropes, etc. Any kind of asymmetric & irregular shaped planting pattern can be achieved using this system. This system being light in weight can be green on both-sides also. This system has long life since it has built in UV protective cover.

  • Can be cladded to wall directly or on fabricated structure
  • Can be installed on any surface having slopes from 30 - 90 degrees
  • Planting in any shape , be it curving or straight is possible
  • Recommended for indoor Green wall installation
  • Substrate made up of Hydrophilic polyurethane foam
  • Watering is not required to be done frequently
  • Soilless substrate reduces maintenance
  • Easy to plant, install & maintain
  • Various planting options are available
  • Weight of Living wall when fully saturated with water is 3- 4 kg per sq ft