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Pradeep Barpande

From the Director's Desk [October 2015]




Dear Partners In ELT’s Growth,

Wishing you & your family the best on the occasion of VIjayadashmi. We would like to thank you for partnering with ELT in achieving the new horticultural & sustainable heights in the last year. Since all of you may know this in parts & pieces, we would like to put this together & update you on this occasion of Vijayadashmi.

ELT is a progressive company with a clear, dynamic vision and competes with itself ie. ELT today is the only competitor of ELT yesterday. We have developed & launched many products in last 24 months which was a outcome of continues research & experiments over last few years. Linear Greens ( Self watering vertical gardens ), Green Matrix, Wonder green Bio curtain, Wall Planters, Green Trellis ( SS wire rope trellis) & the Modular green roof systems are the products already released. As you all are aware there are no matching products, technologies & services available with these features in the market.

We are pleased to inform you that your ELT India has launched its latest Living wall module LWR-3. Besides all the existing unmatched features of ELT living wall system, it has added 5 new features as under.

  1. Any module is removable without disturbing others modules or irrigation and drain network.
  2. To assure more control over drain water, the drip edge is redesigned & even with the property of viscosity, water can not escape the system and cause any accidental leakage.
  3. New module LWR3 can be fitted with a specially designed facia for each cell, allowing aeration, access to the system and also plant growth as it does now. These are designed to enable the usage of more complex plant specific growth mediums and also ensure growth medium stability over high rise buildings, exposed to high wind velocity,
  4. Considering climate changes like, heavier rains in shorter time, increased wind speed & volatile wind velocity pattern, there was need for better ability of shock resistance of the system, the new modules can be installed more securely to take up the challenges of global warming & high rise installation.
  5. New modules has newly designed irrigation channel which can hold slow release fertilizers & the need for frequent feeding is reduced from every 15 days to 2 times per year. This gives us flexibility of water source & reduces the need for separate water tanks.
  6. The outer sizes & joineries details of the new module are compatible with old module, so that if any one wants to get upgraded to new system same fabricated structure will be compatible. 

Sensor based controls & remote monitoring system

ELT is working on the sensor based automation systems since June 2013. Now the product is ready & under field trials. It is getting launched very soon. This systems can monitor and report ambient temperature, ambient moisture, root zone temperature, root zone moisture & light intensity. There is app programed, which will be installed on client’s smart phone & even client can see the operation & status of his green wall. ELT India will be able monitor all its connected installations from their office. This system can be clubbed with automation of landscape lighting & other household requirements. We believe in bringing tomorrow’s technologies today itself.

ELT Modular Green roof system

ELT has introduced versatile module for modular green roofs & gardens. This system is best for retrofit applications as it can be installed on any surface & sprinkler or drip irrigation system can be installed on it without any civil work addition or breaking. This can be used for intensive as well as extensive green roof system.

ELT has achieved following credits in last 12 months

  1. Longest outdoor living wall Installation 900ft x 8ft
  2. Tallest living wall Installation 125‘ tall, 12 floors
  3. ELT has bagged biggest self watering vertical garden project at Banglore over 8500 sft, It is under execution.
  4.  ELT has installed first modular green roof system in Gujrat & now has many projects with a project at Goa for one of the eminent architects from US. This project has 12500 sft modular green roof system with native species & slopes upto 43 degrees.
  5.  ELT is the only shortlisted & selected company to supply & execute a green facade over 90,000 sft. on single project in India
  6.  ELT has exported its products to Malaysia, Africa & Bahrain this year.
  7.  ELT has successfully tested its urban farming modules for Tomato, cherry tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, ground nut, beans of many variety, herbs of more than 7 types, paper, rice & few other crops.
  8.  ELT has developed wire rope trellis system with all kinds of SS terminals, joineries & required systems, first of kind in India.
  9.  Dedicated qualified staff for research & development.

ELT’s Product range & strengths

ELT is probably the only company which has widest range of own designed & manufactured product line which can support each kind of site conditions & design requirement with use of the following products

  1. Living wall : For elegant & fully covered outdoor living walls with or without voids & composites.
  2. Living walls with hydrophilic substrate : Successful Indoor installations of living walls with or with out artificial lights.
  3. Linear greens : Self watering vertical gardening system with linear installation of irrigation trays & flexible distance between horizontal members, thereby manage transparency or opacity as per design requirement.
  4. Flexi green : This can wrap irregular shapes & sizes for semi-shade areas & coastal cities. Out door system is under trials & will be launched after summer , as trials with overlap of 2 summers will be complete by that time.
  5. Green curtains : This is a special liner hanging system made with specially produced square pipes , giving different architectural look.
  6. Bio curtains : This is different kind of hanging system on SS wire ropes with wonder green modules.
  7. Green matrix : These are versatile module can grow big shrubs & other plants to create robust vegetation vertically.
  8. Green trellis : The new technique & product line is introduced to provide scientifically designed elegant wire rope trellis system for growing climbers in aesthetic manner.
  9. Green Strings : This is novel vertically suspended garden strings with irrigation system to be installed in favorable micro-climatic conditions.
  10. Green Pergolas : This the only way to install elegant, handsome & instant green pergolas.
  11. Vertical Farming : ELT India’s passion & vision has vertical farming as a futuristic technique. ELT is committed to develop product, method & services. The tray type module with variable depths is already introduced & is under trials.
  12. ELT green roof system : This is the proven system with ELT dimple boards & bio blanket. The application is for light weight green roof systems extensive or intensive.
  13. Modular green roof system : This is the latest technology in the world with option of variety of planting options, depths & weight of the system.
  14. Flexi roof system. : This is a system for covering spaces with or without inherent growth medium layer like rock surfaces, constructed structures & others. The technique is successful in south India and the places where max temperature does not cross 38 degrees during most of the time may be with an exception of 3 - 4 days max. at a stretch.
  15. ELT substrates for customized solutions. ELT has developed different substrates on the basis of plant requirement, micro climate, weight restrictions, depth restrictions & volumetric limitations.

To ensure best products & services, ELT does not sell plastic hardware & propagation of plants. Growing of plants in the modules is done at ELT facilities.

Research & Development Projects in progress

  1. Aquatic green walls
  2. sensor based Automation to continue
  3. New urban farming & vertical farming module for some other kinds of crops
  4. New kind of float valves for remote planters to maintain the water within planter & not allow the overflow and spillage of water
  5. Green false ceiling of outdoor applications
  6. Floating gardens
  7. Large Shrubs, Tree planting & anchoring system for shallow depths
  8. Development of slow / non biodegradable growth mediums using recycled and renewable green products
  9. Specially designed vertical gardening system for succulent & sedum green walls to suit all kinds of climate.
  10. Study of plant performance, growth medium stability & system performance over green roof having wind velocity above 2.5 meter per second wind speed
  11. Testing for salt tolerant species
  12. Observing growing habit & performance of different climbers for trellis system at different climatic conditions & root zone requirement. Reviewing planter sizes, support members distances & strengths required with reference to vegetation loads.

We request you to get back to us to know more about products & new ELT developments. This is more because we are taking more time for upgrading it on website. We appreciate for sharing your time to read this.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

Pradeep Barpande                Anuradha Barpande
Director                                  Director