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Research & Innovation

Innovation is an outcome of experiment, research, analysis getting converted into new product or service. ELT India believes in continuous improvement. We at ELT India believe in self competition which compel us to improve our performance every time.

Systematic & scientific approach towards experiments, observations of desired parameters across the country, producing or modifying product or process, training & upgrading the staff as well as partners, & finally providing the innovations to customers with warrantee is the method applied at Elt India.

To support these activities ELT India has now set up massive facility near Pune, probably Asia’s largest facility to grow vertical garden modules vertically. The training facility is also developed at the same location to train professionals and ELT network partners. Since 2008 ELT India is working on many fronts as no such reliable & complete details were available. It is continuous process. Every achievement is just starting point of next achievement.

ELT Living Wall panel was developed after months of experimentation in Indian climate

ELT India has formulated various growth media to suit different requirements

After lots of deliberate discussions and experiments VYDRO has been introduced in India
  1. Green wall modules. : Considering the varied and contrast climatic conditions in India, limitation on access equipments & facilities, continuous growth of plants , ELT india found that the imported panel design will not be suitable for tall buildings, contrast climatic conditions & also in favorable climates for different reasons. The joint efforts of ELT India & ELT Global President Gregory Garner created versatile design of new panel in 2009. This panel is currently exported across the world through ELT network.
  2. Growth medium Recipes : Loose Growth mediums used by most of the green wall vendors are fast bio-degradable while they attempt to make it light weight & cost effective. ELT India considers 5 years costs in it’s any cost analysis as ELT system assures stability of of 5 years. When installed vertically replenishing growth medium can be a exercise & cost. Therefore ELT has developed it’s plant specific growth medium recipes to last much more, even after 5 years assured life under best ELT practices. The one of the secrets of ELT’s special position in the market is due to it’s plant specific & micro-climate specific recipes.
  3. Data building for plant specific responses towards light : ELT has analyzed performance many existing indoor installations & plantations. This is one of the major expertise ELT India has with them & only on the basis of this knowledge ELT India is able to give warrantees to it’s clients.
  4. Mounting Hardwares & spares.: Considering the limitation of availability of equipments and space for equipments in the retrofit applications over existing buildings, Elt team has designed the easy but effective system to mount the panels on the wall or any structure.
  5. Climate specific plant responses.: India is very large country with varied climates, all most all kinds of climates. Initially the panels , plants were tested at Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Chennai for the performance into the system for all 3 seasons. On the basis of their performance the plant palate is now decided and suggested for each planting zone of green wall after considering, climate, site specific climate, shade path and it’s seasonal effect on plant growth and survival, irrigation zones & many other factors.
  6. Design & development of wall mounted self containing retail modules along-with aluminum cabinets, drip tray & collection trays. ELT values it’s all kind of customers, whether small qty or big. To extend it’s service to small customers, now ELT India is introducing DIY units in India too. Now all the tests for such units are over & it is very much available for sale in India through ELT’s network partners.
  7. Specially designed drip lines are got designed produced from Jain Irrigation. Special drip line with PC Drippers 2 lph, with dia 12 mm , inline having thin wall to suit ELT modules is manufactured for ELT India by India’s Leader in Irrigation, Jain Irrigation.
  8. Green curtain system : Due to limited space now a days society buildings coming too close to each other posing threat to privacy as doors, windows, balconies come in front of others. Though they are 10 to 15 meters away still many times it’s not comfortable to keep them open. With ELT’s Green curtain system, one is able to grow what one wants, get fresh air as well as light & have pleasant natural green screen at the same time. The system is well designed and can be automated. Neither the drain nor irrigation has any complacency and it is easy to install & maintain. This is fully portable for any number of times. Now it is creating new kind of greenery . The new hydrophilic substrate trials with this system in Delhi, this summer has given wonderful results. We have successfully developed & grown Bougainvelliea glabra & few other varieties with the combination of hydrophilic substrate & Eco grow.
  9. Successfully designed & specially produced square planters for green curtain including development of new kind of attachment for extrusion of square pipes. ELT team critically examines it’s own product & performance & tries to improve it everyday from different aspects like plant growth, mechanical improvements or for aesthetics. After success of green curtains in 4” & 6” round pipes, ELT notices that there was need to increase the volume but reduce the size and also make it of some other shape to provide some other options to suit the design language of the building design. For this 6” size pipe was optimized to 4.5 “ square pipe & desired effect was achieved but not before 2 failures at mechanical development.
  10. Experiments with Hydrophilic substances & trials on more than 100 different plant varieties to check suitability in different micro climates. Successfully applying it over 35000 sft for green roof on steep slopes. The latest development in the field of substrate is structural media. Since last century many countries were trying to develop a uniform & universally applicable structural media that has no drawbacks. Huntsman corporation has developed Vydro, a patented structural media, suitable for wide varities of plants & also wide range of applications. ELT india has experimented with it successfully in following applications.
    1. Green wall as mat system
    2. Green roof as a mat system
    3. Pre grown planted sandwiches to fit ELT living wall module
    4. Light weight urban farming
    5. In the Green curtains as sustainable media for north india
    6. Succulent green walls
    7. Green strings
    8. Hardwood propagation
    9. Propagation of few delicate plant varieties
    10. Non conventional greenery
    11. Green false ceiling
    12. Portable gardens
  11. Development & production of bio blanket, with perfect balance of inorganic & organic fibers.
  12. Development & production of three layered fabric with use of blended fibers, woven polyester fabric needle punched with UV treated recycled PPCP or Polyester fiber, for flexigreen to give long life to flex green living wall.
  13. Design & development of green strings of different types suitable for different climates.
  14. Development of modular flexigreen green wall system.
  15. Development of modular green roof system with hydrophilic substrates.

Studies are being carried out using various growth media to understand their water holding capacity

ELT India intends to develop sensor based irrigation system

VYDRO launching in India at Green Building Congress 2012

Current projects

  1. Vertical farming modules.
  2.  Sustainable & low cost small pot system pot system for seasonal flowering plants and vegetables.
  3.  Succulent green walls.
  4. Orchid green walls.
  5. Flowering green walls.
  6. Sensor based irrigation controls.
  7. Developing & use of centralized controlling of green wall system through sensors & IT applications.
  8. Green false ceiling.
  9. Garden floats.
  10. Ground covers ready mats.
  11. Light weight & low maintenance potted plants.

The list will not stop here as ELT Team never stops

To further enhance control, ELT India is developing sensor based irrigation control system to centrally monitor their projetcs pan India
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