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ELT Easy Green®

Training for Professionals

ELT India specializes in many kinds of non conventional greenery systems. These latest technologies are innovated, developed & adapted to varied climatic conditions by ELT India’s team. To share & train the ways of using these technologies, ElT India provides training to professionals working the field of designing & execution in the green industry.

ELT provides necessary know how for all the products required by

  1. Sharing standard drawings
  2. Hands on training
  3. Introduction different green wall systems
  4. Introduction to different green roof system
  5. Introduction to different Green curtain system
  6. Introduction to use of Vydro® powered products
  7. Introduction to different types of green strings
  8. Customization of above systems
  9. Maintenance requirement of above systems
  10. Plants suitability for each system
  11. Zone wise plant behavior
  12. Plant responses to light & other factors
  13. Future product & research happening @ ELT India

This training is chargeable & every alternate weekends are alloted for this. Minimum 4 & maximum 8 candidates are accommodated in each batch.

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Training for Professionals