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Urban Farming

Urban Farming is now becoming necessity of the time. With urbanization, the agricultural fields are not only reducing but also going far away from cities, ie the ultimate consumers. For the daily requirement of fresh vegetables, vegetables travel 30 to 100 Km before they reach the hands of final consumers. This involves lot of cost & exploitation of natural resources for such transportation. It also causes many other hazards like pollution of all kinds & thereby adding its toll to deteriorating environment. One never knows about the quality of material he consumes.

ELT Team has received urban farming related lessons from horse’s mouth! Dr. Dickson Despommier, PhD, is a microbiologist, an ecologist, and emeritus professor of Public and Environmental Health at the Columbia University. From one of these courses, in 1999, he founded the root for this idea of raising crops in tall buildings; vertical farming. While he was on his visit to India, he shared his wisdom of Vertical farming with ELT Team & ELT had set goal of designing & producing suitable system to grow cost effective & profitable food in the fields & also in the urban environment.

ELT India has now developed a system that can grow few crops vertically in farms & also in urban buildings & structures. ELT is also planning to provide light weight, modular green roof system which can be installed on the existing structures to grow vegetables & herbs. These systems will be made available in the market from October 2013.