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How to fit aluminium support sections?

How to fit aluminium support sections?

01 A 5 bend aluminium support section with holes drilled 1 foot apart from one another is used as the main support for green wall panels. These holes are required to fix mounting strips on these sections.
02 Aluminium joiners are used to join two aluminium sections horizontally, across the length of the complete green wall. They provide strength at joints of supports sections making them sturdy to bear the weight of panels.
03 Place the C-shaped joiner at the front of the two support sections such that its centre matches the joint.
04 Fix the joiner by placing the assembly vertically.
05 Similarly, place the joiner in the notch at the back of the assembly.
06 Fix the joiner at the back in the same manner, as fixed at the front.
07 Now fix the complete assembly on vertical main support members.
08 The vertical distance between each of the fixed assemblies should be 1 foot. This distance can be maintained by placing a 1 foot long mounting strip vertically.
09 Install 1 foot long mounting strips at the lower part of the 5 bend support sections. These mounting strips fit into the notch provided at the back of the panel and the panel can slide over the complete assembly.