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ELT Green Roof application over pyramid

ELT Green Roof application over pyramids

01 Establish aluminium structure to get the desired shape. The available space can be creatively managed to achieve maximum vegetation and aesthetics.
02 Strengthen the structure as per the load it is going to bear. Don't forget to add the additional weight it may need to bear during maintenance.
03 To support the green roof system, aluminium or asbestos sheets can be used to wrap the structure.
04Install separators and green roof members on the back support
05 Fill-up the compartments formed by the separators with ELT growth medium
06Please choose varieties wisely for plantation. We recommend blending scientific approach with aesthetic sense. Climatic conditions, sunlight plays major role.
07Use this technique for other shapes. Repeate the procedure 1 through 6.

The complete ELT Green Roof Pyramid