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How to fit side skirting?

How to fit side skirting?

01 ELT India green wall panel is provided with slots which enable fixing of side skirting on both the sides
02 Fix the stud assembly into the provided slot with the nut at its top and a screw at the bottom of stud.
03 Tighten the screw at the other end of the stud assembly. This fixes it to the back of the panel.
04 Fix the stud assembly in each of the notches of all the panels to be hidden with skirting.
05 Aluminium powder coated skirting to be fixed should have holes drilled at location of the studs so that it can be tighten with nuts at the top end.
06 Remove the nut from the top of the stud assembly so as to match the holes of the skirting with the stud positions.
07 Tighten the nut back in place such that the skirting is thoroughly fixed.
08 The side of thus panels is thus hidden and looks finished.
09 Green Wall in the courtyard of Microsoft, Bengaluru - without side skirting.
10 Green Wall in the courtyard of Microsoft, Bengaluru - finished with side skirting.