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ELT Easy Green®

ELT India Warranty Program

ELT India warranties are an important part of the service offering provided by the ELT India Network. Through this program we offer assurances to our clients and our agents that every ELT IndiaTM system will be a long-term success.

  1. ELT India Material Warranties
    1. ELT India warrants ELT IndiaTM products to be of good quality and manufactured to meet published data sheets.
    2. Published Data sheets provide information on approve usage and handling and identifies warranty duration.
  2. ELT IndiaTM System Warranties
    1. Recommended Minimum Requirements
      ELT recommends that the following items be listed as minimum requirements for a system warranty supplied to the client from approved contractors:
      1. An ELT Certified Contractor who has maintained an active status with ELT must carry out installation of the system.
      2. All system parts and materials must be purchased through ELT India or an ELT India approved agent. This includes but is not limited to, growth mediums, plants, irrigation equipment, containers, support structures etc.
      3. A maintenance contract between the Owner and an active ELT Certified Contractor must be in effect for the complete term of the warranty.
      4. The maintenance contract must describe the proposed maintenance schedule and procedures, and be in compliance with ELT standard maintenance contracts and best management practices.
      5. Required documentation must be filled out and kept in the client/contractor binder. Documentation includes the project information sheet, irrigation specs and programs, pictures of completed project, list of vegetation used and maintenance program Documentation must be received by ELT prior to 30 days after the completion date.
      6. All work and execution on the project must be in accordance with the ELT specification that was current at the time of project completion.
  3. Maintenance Protocols
    1. Maintenance is a part of ELT Living wall or ALL ELT SYSTEMS system and a maintenance contract is required to support system warranty.
    2. Maintenance should meet or exceed “Best Management Practices” established by ELT.
    3. Maintenance performed by non-ELT Certified Contractors does not support ELT India Warranties.
    4. Maintenance schedules outlining all tasks must be submitted to the owner.
    5. Growth medium amendments like inoculation; nutrient applications or pest control may from time to time be required to maintain plant vigour and system performance. These are to be recommended by the Certified Contractor and included in the maintenance contract.
    6. A maintenance report must be completed after each visit and signed off by the owner and the contractor. A copy of each report must be kept with the contractor and the owner to create a project history log.
  4. Plant Mortality and Replacement Factors
    1. Different systems will have different plant replacement factors. Plant replacement factors identify the amount of vegetation expected to be replaced over the term of the maintenance contract as part of the normal operation of the system. Plant replacement factors are identified in the maintenance program and are part of the maintenance costs.
    2. Plant replacement factors vary depending on variables like type of plants specified or type of system. A claim may be triggered if plant replacement exceeds the replacement factor
  5. Exclusions
    1. Any components of a system not included in the “Listed Components” chart in the warranty document are not covered by the system warranty.
    2. Growth medium amendments or nutrient applications may be required depending on the system spec and are part of the maintenance program and therefore are not subject to any warranty claims.
    3. Any system failure due to breach of the maintenance contract by the owner will render the warranty null and void.
    4. To qualify for either warranty purchases or to make a warranty claim the owner must be within the payment terms of the ELT Certified Contractor.
    5. There is no warranty against system failure due to microclimates not identified in the project information sheet.
  6. Warranty Approval
    1. Required documents in 2.1.5 must be properly filled out and kept in the Client Contractor binder, which is to be kept on site.
    2. Clients should confirm all documentation is compliant with ELT’s recommended programs and best management practices.
    3. If the Contractor is unable to meet the criteria required by ELT for the warranty, ELT may if it wishes, take any actions needed to meet the criteria needed to qualify the project for ELT warranty programs.