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ELT Easy Green®

ELT Wonder Green

The latest addition to ELT Indiaʼs Product line is the simplest system for domestic Green walls. While working in the field of Green walls, ELT India realized the need for the basic and simple system for households & small installations. Though there are various products available for such need, most of them are for short term use, as the pots are small they get root bound quickly. The sustainability for long term was required by customers. ELT India decided to introduce itʼs new module, a smaller version of itʼs proposed module for commercial vertical farming to provide versatile & wonderful product in this segment.

This system consists of Module, Joinery, Vydro, Plants & Growth Medium. Module is made of Poly propylene & has it great strength and life. There are 6 ways of installations and joinery to facilitate each type of installation is made. Vydro is worldʼs latest structural media & it provides sufficient moisture as well as space for absorbing roots for years to come. Plants of many types can be grown in this like, ground covers, small shrubs, climbers, leafy vegetables, small crops, wheat shoots, herbs & others. The module size is large enough to support ground covers and small shrubs permanently. it can give one side or both side greenery using same module.

  • Sustainable in long-run as well
  • Easy to install
  • It has hydrophilic foam, Vydro to last for long life and providing right kind of moisture and space for white roots for next 15 - 20 years.
  • The growth medium is not bio degradable and it will not change itʼs properties for years to come.
  • Utility oriented system.
  • Secured in place so that pots donʼt come off.
  • Cost effective.
  • More than 6 ways of installation. This can be installed on wall, structure, vertical pipes, horizontal pipes, wire ropes or dowels.
  • This system gives more than 95% coverage but also allows airflow through this.
  • Every planted module can be removed as and when required without disturbing irrigation & drain system.
  • 100 % control on irrigation & drain water.