Site Specific Solutions

With the development of the Green technologies, there has also been discussion of how Green Walls and Green Roof can contribute as solutions to issues like natural habitat, sustainability, building design and urban planning. The innovative designs and scarcity of space has triggered demand for non conventional greens like Green roof, Green walls & Suspended greenery. It is the solution for introducing more & even more greenery in urban habitats.

After giving thought to this demand of time, ELT India has come up with its technical team to provide greenery at places which was never thought about.  For this ELT India provides site specific solutions.

Architectural Design

Change to Architectural Drawings for system installation

ELT India develops & provides technical drawings, designs planting plan, create assistance in fitting concepts into reality.

Fittings of system in the space available, load factor, the support structure design, services, plants selection and others are the basic needs of the green walls and ELT India support the architects and clients in this.

ELT India creates site specific mockups as per requirements.

Maintenance and Repairs

ELT India undertake AMC contracts for ELT systems and support clients as and when required at reasonable costs. The purpose of maintenance service is to make sure the performance of the greenery and make sure that the Clients’s investment is safe and pays back even better than expectations . It adds to ELT India’s Goodwill than benefiting in cash.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

ELT India specializes in many kinds of non conventional greenery systems.  It has many applications filed for intellectual property rights as all the products are designed, developed & manufactured by ELT itself. These products are adapted to varied climatic conditions by ELT India’s team. To share & train the ways of using these technologies, ElT India provides training to professionals working the field of designing & execution in the green industry.

ELT provides necessary know how for all the products required by

  • Sharing standard drawings
  • Hands on training
  • Introduction different Living wall systems
  • Introduction different Bio wall systems
  • Introduction to different Green roof systems
  • Introduction different Green wall systems
  • Introduction to use of Living foam powered products
  • Introduction to different types of green strings
  • Customisation of above systems
  • Maintenance requirement of above systems
  • Plants suitability for each system
  • Zone wise plant behaviour
  • Plant responses to light & other factor

Feasibility Study, Method

ELT India has strategy of suggesting & installing only sustainable & feasible projects. This is one of the reason why ELT is considered most reliable vendor in the industry. Now ELT is providing a special service of feasibility study & report thereof, so that designer has get clarity as to what kind of plant pallet is going to work in which area. Services required & locations of the same.

ELT has policy to try to deliver exact design, however innovative & difficult it may be. If design needs modifications then ELT India suggests minimum changes without diluting the language of the design.

As ELT India is equipped with variety of systems that provides non conventional greenery, it is the best position to study, design , plan & deliver the designers dream ideas.


ELT receives Design, with detailed building drawings giving details of structure, openings, elevations, site specific climatic details, images of current state of the project & location of the project.

ELT studies the inputs & arrives at first stage conclusion of technical feasibility.

Once arrived at such technical feasibility positive, ELT India visits the site @ client’s cost & checks for practical feasibility.

ELT India prepares the methodology for execution of such projects & budgetary quote.

Project Management consultancy Services

Since this is a new field an in nascent stage in India, ELT  India  provides, technical & supervision services Green walls, Green roofs and other non conventional greeneries.

Standard Scope of work

  • Understanding schedules of all agencies and components
  • Required with size, specs and quantities.
  • Understanding lead time for production of each component.
  • Preparation of production of each component and monitoring with reference to targets.
  • Understanding infrastructural requirement of each component and it’s installation.
  • Check on quality, quantity of materials in process.
  • Understanding the bottlenecks and providing capacity-building at such points.
  • Visiting facilities of vendors for inspection.
  • Providing and monitoring delivery schedules.
  • Reporting the progress to the client and highlighting if any delays are expected.
  • Obtaining and studying the methodologies of all the stakeholders and making sure that there are no holds.
  • Making sure that the installation is done as per drawings.
  • After installation, performing all the specified tests through certified agency and obtaining reports.
  • Handover to the client and arranging training to operation teams.

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