Green Roof SystemsGreen Roofs are causing a revolution in the urban world of greenery. What was previously considered as a dry and arid area is now increasingly being utilized to enhance sustainability by being natural, visible, and distinctive. ELT’s systems are suitable for flat or sloped roofs-a classic example of adaptability to climatic variations and design requirements.

Green Roof modules are overlaid with growth medium and plants to create a habitat that is environment friendly and extends the useful life of a roof membrane. This growing resource offers insulation, preserves biodiversity, and adds greenery to non-conventional surroundings.

Various studies have recognized the use of Green Roofs as a multifunctional land cover in urban areas for its ecological benefits. ELT Green Roof system provides a light weight and low-maintenance system designed to achieve sustainability. The system can be supplied pre-grown and fully-established or plant can be grown at the site.

Types of Green Roof Systems

Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs are not meant for human access but for thermal insulation, reduced run off, visual greenery & for the enrichment of environment by providing habitat to birds, insects & others. These are green many times in real sense. They change as per seasons. They sprout, grow, mature, fruit, seed & re-germinate in the next season on their own.

Least human interference is required. However, for aesthetical purpose, some times, one need to water, trim & clean such gardens. Soil depth is minimum & it is between 5 to 8 cm. Saturated weight of ELT extensive system is between 3.5 to 8 kg per sft depending on soil depth & plantation. This type of system supports a limited range of plantation. Mostly, sustainable, drought resistant & environmentally suitable plant species are planted.

Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive Green roofs are more like typical roof gardens but these are more sustainable, require lesser maintenance & lesser water, reduce dead load on the structure & more environmental friendly than conventional system.

People usually access intensive green roofs in a similar way as any garden or terrace. Soil depth is minimum 15 cm. Saturated minimum weight is 12.5 kg per sft depending on soil depth & plantation. This type of system supports a wide range of plantation from lawns, ground covers, shrubs and trees, though for trees more depth of growth medium &special provision for root anchorage is to be provided. Appropriate root barriers are must in this type of vegetation.

Civil features can also be incorporated on this type of system. It is always good practice to have dedicated pathways for access over the green roofs as the depth of the growth medium is always less. Overuse or stamping, when area is moist or wet, always damage the quality of vegetation.

Modular Green Roof System

Has all the features and basic green roof layers like drain board, moisture blanket, media, irrigation & vegetation in one tray like module specially designed hold media in place. These are pre-grown I the nursery itself and installed over waterproofed surface. Media used is stable free from quick  bio-degradable, ie. young biomass.

Flexi Green Roof System

This is a combination of green wall and green roof system. The media is sandwiched between 2 layers of fabric. Different types of polyamide or natural fibbers are stuffed. ELT used hydrophilic foam composite in this system. This is used as a solution for steep and curved surfaces to grow grasses and ground covers.

Verdant Green Roof System

This is a modular system with combination of module and media formed one in other. Hydrophilic media is formed inside the module and it is installed on the structure, with or without resting on slab or surface. This for visual greenery. This can also be installed in the same way how wooden flooring is fixed on the aluminum runners. This is solution is for futuristic and innovative designs of gazebo, pergola or covered spaces and also to camouflage any structure from above.




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Spaces that provides view of thick foliage, colours, flowers, waterbodies, filtered ambient light, swaying vegetation, fragrance, choosing natural materials, forms and patterns.

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