ELT India specializes in many kinds of non conventional greenery systems. These latest technologies are innovated, developed & adapted to varied climatic conditions by ELT India’s team. To share & train the ways of using these technologies, ElT India provides training to professionals working the field of designing & execution in the green industry.

ELT india has realised the need for educating and training the professionals about these latest technologies as there is no technical data, knowledge or books available for Indian condition. ELT india, therefore has come up with the e-learning courses to share and spread knowledge to stakeholders of industry.

Basic Awareness

  • Living Wall
  • Living Wall With Foam
  • Omni Green
  • Omni Green Mini
  • Glow Green
  • Linear Green
  • Pergola
  • Green Matrix
  • Green Roof System
  • Foam Based Light Weight Green Roof
  • Flexi Green With Media
  • Flexi Green With Foam
  • Wooly Pocket
  • Green Globe
  • Living Wall String
  • Green Pillars
  • Trolley Mounted Green Walls Of Different Types
  • Green Roof On Slopes
  • Curved Green Walls- Concave
  • Curved Green Walls- Convex
  • Green Walls- Odd Shapes
  • Green Walls- With Voids
  • Green Wall Art
  • Peat moss
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Coco Peat
  • Coco Chips
  • Rice Husk
  • Mineral Wool
  • Wood charcoal / Biochar
  • Treated organic manure
  • Oil cakes
  • Organic fibres
  • Wood chips
  • Brick bat crushed

For Professionals

ELT provides necessary know how for all the products required by

  • Hands on training
  • Introduction to different Living wall systems
  • Introduction to different Bio wall systems
  • Introduction to different Green roof systems
  • Introduction to different Green wall systems
  • Introduction to use of Living foam powered products
  • Introduction to different types of green strings
  • Sharing standard drawings
  • Customization of above systems
  • Maintenance requirement of above systems
  • Plants suitability for each system
  • Zone wise plant behavior
  • Plant responses to light & other factor

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