Types of Living Foam Art

Green Pillars

  • Made of Hydrophilic Foam Composite.
  • These are modular cylindrical planting blocks made of hydrophilic foam composite, with inbuilt reinforcement, assembly joinery & passage for drip irrigation.
  • The size and shape is customizable and made to order. This is like a sculptural green art known as a Mosaiculture.
  • Case specific joinery is designed and provided to fix one module on the top of other.
  • The load is transferred to the ground.
  • Dense planting is achieved.
  • This is like a green sculptural art known as a Mosaiculture where potted plants are actually installed on fabricated structure. But under this system Plants planted in the media , formed and reinforced.

Green Globes

  • Made of Hydrophilic Foam Composite.
  • If compared with kokedama (a moss ball), it can have plant only in one dimension, whereas, Green globes have 360 degrees planting, therefore one can be call this as kokedama 360 degrees.
  • Globes are readily available of sizes 4”, 7” and 11” diameter each. There could be 15 plants, planted over 4” globes, 25 plants planted over 7” globes and 45 plants planted over 11” globes.
  • These are modular and different combinations, groupings & alignments can be provided.
  • This is like a sculptural green art known as a Mosaiculture.
  • Customizable and made to order.
  • These balls made of hydrophilic foam composite, with inbuilt reinforcement, assembly joinery & passage for drip irrigation.
  • The size and the shape is customizable, and made to order.
  • Case specific joinery for hanging singularly or strings can also
    be designed provided.
  • The load is transferred to the upper hook using SS wire ropes or chains.
  • Dense planting is achieved.

Living Wallart

  • A planter, which can be easily installed onto the wall, just like a regular wall clock.
  • It comes with suitable plants and inbuilt growth media block, made of hydrophilic foam substrate, ELT Living Foam..
  • This is trendy and easy to install product, with a simple irrigation system, has been engineered for the ease of everyday use.
  • It comes in different shapes like Circular, Rhombus, Rectangular, Hexagon other artistic designs & in different sizes. Soon hanging units will also be introduced.
  • The planter base is made in pigmented, high gloss gel coated FRP. Hence, the colors do not fade, making the product sturdy and strong while being light weight.
  • FRP makes this product one of a kind and easy to handle

Site specific solutions can also be provided to fit the architectural designs.

Mosaiculture and Curved Surfaces

Mosaiculture is the horticultural art of creating giant topiary-like sculptures using thousands of annual bedding plants to carpet steel armature forms. It is different from classical topiary in many ways. The plants are grown up on the structure itself, either in the felt or in the pots. The conducive climates allow such installations. However in India, making this kind of installations workable, we need to use right kind of system, plants and media.

The desired form of sculpture is formed and joinery for installing the modules are fixed. Pre-grown modules are hung as per design and irrigation is provided.

With success with normal green walls, more innovative designs are expected by clients and designers. Giving solution to odd and curved surfaces is the next challenge. Different 3 – dimensional shapes, symmetric or asymmetric, standard or irregular installations, are going to get green covered in the future designs.

Structural stability, strength and complete coverage are the challenges for engineering. Effective irrigation and drain on such surfaces is also challenging. Selecting right kind of plants and media is also important. Many times these require site specific solutions.

Moving Green Walls

At few locations mobile gardens are needed. This could be for:

  • Green Barrier
  • Providing access to services behind
  • For providing sunlight by pulling structure to suitable bright location
  • Some locations do not have provisions for irrigation and drain in such condition mobile units are useful
  • Can provide privacy when needed
  • Flexibility in seat arrangements, in restaurants,
  • Temporary gardens

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