Project Details:

  • Project: Symphony Tech Park
  • Location: Nanded City, Pune
  • Client: Nanded City
  • Commencement Date: Nov  2018
  • Completion Date: January 2019
  • Landscape Consultant: Ravi & Varsha Gavandi
  • Green Wall Consultant: Ecogreen Landscape Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Materials used for creating the Greenery: ELT OmniGreen Bio-Wall System
  • Total Green wall area: 2545 Sq.ft.

Project Overview:

This is a prominent green wall (43 metres length X 5.5 metres tall) at the entrance of an office building. The wall has a proportionately wide foreground. The area can be viewed in one glance . The wall plays  an important role in order to be impactful.

Colour was the main element for achieving the desired impact. The diagonal pattern is derived from pathway design and shrub beds in the entrance foreground keeping it simple and broad. The pattern essentially formed a base for filling in colours i.e. colourful plants.

ELT had shortlisted plants which were favourable for daylight conditions and local climate. From the list, a red grass variety being the coloured plant turned out to be impactful without overpowering other areas. The other variety was red dwarf crinum containing a dark, purple maroon shade.  Therefore it was used sparingly to accentuate the main red grass as the wall’s focus.

Mid tone green grasses formed the mass plantation for the rest of the wall. The whole green surface was articulated with narrower bands of either dark green or light yellowish greens, so that the red patch is the centre of focus.

Texture wise, majority of wider and larger patches are of billowing foliage plants which jut out profusely from the wall’s surface, the narrower bands in between work like spacers which act as surface hugging dark greens like Pilea.

Project Gallery: