Project Details:

  • Project: Residential Bungalow
  • Location: Paud Road, Pune
  • Client: Mr. Kulkarni
  • Commencement Date: February 2019
  • Completion Date: April 2019

Project Overview:

This bungalow is located on a busy road in the city. The Bio wall (14.93 metres length X 2.62 metres tall) forms the backdrop for a deck which looks out at the bungalow’s garden. The deck is shaded by a green pergola with a translucent roof above. Thus the green wall is in semi shade. The garden in the front is square in shape with linear walkways and planting beds. In contrast to that, the pattern on the green wall is free flowing and made of shapes of leaves.

A list of plants suitable for the wall’s daylight conditions was prepared by ELT along with preferences by the owner. We had bromeliads, anthuriums and fern varieties. The free flowing ferns were chosen for the larger backdrop of the wall. The leaf shapes embedded within this backdrop were filled with accent plants like bromeliads, anthuriums and colourful dracaenas. This wall is viewed from the deck and thus at close hand. The focus is on play of texture. The semi shade conditions with dark green flowing ferns and tropical plants evoke a sense of humid forest floor.

Project Gallery: